Finally, try out driving the

Finally, try out driving the truck around the parking lot before heading out to make sure you can adequately control the vehicle.

any other charges (be polite, persistent and direct in making sure they have provided with ALL the costs. You typically need to book these months in advance. Once you ve made your decision, you need to make your reservation, and sooner rather than later. Most rental agencies can help you determine the ideal size.

The middle weeks of the month are easier to reserve than the first and last weeks.
Having a larger number of potential days available for your move gives you many more options. Fortunately, it doesn t have to be that way.

Once these steps are done, you should be on your way to a smooth moving truck rental experience!. If you re not careful, it can also be time consuming, stressful, and expensive. This is especially true if your desired date is over a weekend or a holiday, in that those slots fill up first.

Moving Truck Rental: Step 4 The Big Day

Plan to be in line at the rental truck location at least 15 minutes before they open, in that the paperwork portion of the transaction can sometimes be lengthy, and if only a few people are in line in front of you, you could be in for quite a wait.The moving truck rental is going to be one of the most critical tasks you ll need to accomplish if you re moving yourself. The day you pick can determine not only whether a truck is available, but how much you ll be charged. You might want to try a phrase such as, So if I show up with only that exact amount, down to the penny, in my pocket, I will be able to pay the bill in full? )

Now that you have all the critical information, determine which truck option most closely meets your needs and budget.

Moving Truck Rental: Step 2 Identify how large a truck you want.

Moving Truck slack adjuster Rental: Step 1 Determine days you can move. Some car rental firms, such as Enterprise, offer large vans or trucks in specific locations.

There are a few factors you should consider in determining the truck size you ll need:

the quantity of boxes and furniture you need to move

the availability and prices of trucks on your moving day your comfort level with driving very large vehicles (don t underestimate this one)

Trucks range in size from 10 feet (ideal for a 1 bedroom apartment) up to 26 feet (can handle up to a 4 bedroom house).

Be sure to check the truck thoroughly for damage prior to signing the final contract, and mark any damage on the appropriate form. If there s an issue, you ll want to know before getting into traffic.

It s also a good idea to take a copy of your insurance card with you if you normally keep it in your car you don t want to have to fool with a fine from a traffic officer.

Weekends are more difficult to book than weekdays. Make a short list of rental locations close to you. Here are the guidelines:

Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekends are the hardest and most expensive times to rent. Then call and find out:

which trucks they have available on your intended moving days

which payment options are accepted, especially if you re planning on using anything other than a certified check or money order (many individual locations do not accept cards like American Express or Discover, and some don t accept credit cards at all)

operating hours, including the time when the truck needs to be returned before being charged extra whether they offer one way rentals, if that s something you need

initial deposit(s)

base rate per day and or hour

charge per mile (watch out for this one many companies offer a low daily rate but charge a fortune for the miles)
cost for gas

additional fees for insurance, moving pads, hand truck, twine, etc. With the tips in this article, you should be able to make things easier on yourself.

Three of the most common names for truck rentals are Budget Truck Rental, U Haul, and Penske.

Moving Truck Rental: Step 3 Select your rental agency. Avoid the temptation to get a size larger than you need